Battery Storage
Battery Storage
Battery Storage
Battery Storage

The battery storage market in the UK is growing, and it’s growing fast!

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With the volatility of the energy markets in the UK at the moment, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are becoming more and more popular in domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

With a battery energy storage system, we can harness the free electricity produced from a renewable solution, such as Solar PV, Hydro electricity and wind power and store this power for use throughout the day.

This doesn’t mean you cannot have a battery storage system if you are not able to generate your own electricity, with new dual rate tariffs being produced from energy providers such as Octopus Energy’s Go tariff, you can take advantage of cheap electricity being offered in the night to charge your battery storage system, this will allow you to use that cheap electricity during the day when the electricity rates vastly increase.

MJS Energy are hugely experienced in the supply and installation of BESS, we have been fortunate to install a wide range of batteries from a small 2.4kWh system to a huge self contained 186kWh solution, MJS Energy can work with you to design and install the correct BESS for you and your property, we  can also guide you through the process of making sure you are on the correct tariff for your application and energy usage.

All Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are available VAT free! This means a 20% price reduction, lowering the cost of upgrading your home.

Installers of battery storage systems

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