Installation Process
Installation Process
Installation Process
Installation Process

MJS ENERGY Heating Design and Installation

From start to finish we can design your full heating system.

Initial contact office and initial estimate –

Here at MJS Energy, we feel that good communication with clients is essential to making sure things go successfully.
Our team are readily available to offer a friendly and professional service, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions that you may have.

This initial contact will also allow us to put together a budget estimate based on initial information you provide to us.

Site survey –

Our site surveys are the examination of your property in order to obtain data or information. This information includes feasibility reporting and final estimation of cost and the time required to perform a certain task. one of our expert members of the team will conduct an on-site survey.

Detailed heat loss calculation – 

To understand “heating”, we must understand heat losses, because really, there would be no need for heating without them!
Heat losses occur due to heat being transferred from inside a property through walls & windows etc (fabric heat losses) and heat being transferred, via drafts of warm air, through gaps in the fabric, which is replaced by cooler outside air (ventilation & infiltration losses).
Determining this calculation allows the homeowner to be aware of the energy needed to keep a property at the desired temperature. It is important to understand your heat loss and how to reduce it.

System design –

MJS Energy will do a number of calculations to ensure your heating system is right for you and create a detailed system design. We will Calculate the heat loss from the rooms, Calculate the heating output, Select heater units, Select type, size and duty of circulation pump., Make pipe scheme and calculate pipe sizes, Calculate expansion tank, Calculate safety-valves and much more.

Final Costing –

Taking into account the system design, heat loss calculation and information from the site survey MJS energy will then be able to send over a final costing over to you.

This final quotation/contract will be the lasting formal agreement between MJS Energy and yourself; as required by our governing bodies. It sets out exactly the works to be done, the equipment/products to be supplied, time-scales, your invoicing schedule, and exact terms and conditions.

Acceptance of final costing and contract phase –

Upon receipt of your, signed, final quotation/contract we will raise your first deposit invoice. Upon payment of this we will put your equipment on order and contact you to arrange mutually agreeable dates for your installation.
We will assign a Project Manager to your case who will liase with you throughout the installation.

Installation phase – 

MJS teams will start and then complete the scheduled works in accordance with the project plan with as little disturbance to the customer as possible.

Hand over and commissioning – 

MJS Energy will ensure you are happy with the work carried out and go through a detailed handover of any systems that have been installed. this will ensure you can benefit from the installation correctly and understand it all.