Clarach Bay

Renewable system to supply heating and hot water


MJS Energy were asked by Allan’s Caravan and Holiday Park to design and install a renewable system to supply heating and hot water to their new state-of-the-art leisure facility at Aber Bay, consisting of a brand new luxury heated indoor swimming pool, lounge area, bar, restaurant, commercial kitchen and changing facilities. 

MJS Energy sent an expert team of Engineers who looked at a number of options when carrying out a feasibility study. 

The MJS Energy team soon discounted the option of using biomass due to the narrow coastal roads leading to the area, which would have created logistical issues when delivering fuel. 

The next option was to consider air source heat pumps, however while conducting the study it soon became apparent that the coastal climate would have been an issue with the operation of this system and the positioning of outdoor units would have also been an issue for the design of this project. 

A ground source heat pump system was also considered.  However, it was decided that it was not the right option for this vast project, as the ground around the area is either covered with buildings or static caravans, creating a lack of usable ground to construct a horizontal loop for a ground source system. Also, the cost of a bore hole type solution had to be considered. 

The team then concluded that the most efficient and cost-effective solution was to use the Bay’s estuary as a source of energy for a water source heat pump. 

As the site is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, MJS Energy worked closely with Natural Resources Wales to make sure that the works carried out had no negative impact on the environment. 

Due to the above considerations MJS Energy installed a 240 kWh Heliotherm water source heat pump which would supply heating, cooling and hot water. 


  • CO2  Reduction; The main benefit of providing heating and cooling for the development in this way is that it is a low-cost, low-carbon, scalable technology that can help accelerate the development to meet net zero carbon emissions.


  • Moving away from a volatile fossil fuel market.


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MJS Energy regularly carry out installations for other renewable energy companies throughout the UK, offering them access to an experienced team of installers, builders and groundworkers to assist with their project delivery if additional capacity is required.


Clarach Bay is a small bay on the coast of Ceredigion, Wales, to the north of Aberystwyth, where the Afon Clarach flows into the sea.

The Requirement

Allan’s Caravan and Holiday Park asked MJS Energy to design and install a renewable system to supply heating and hot water to their new state-of-the-art leisure facility. 

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