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What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air source Heat Pumps (also known as ASHPs) use air as a natural source of heat using refridgerant the heat pump extracts heat from the air to heat your home.
Depending on whether you purchased an air-to-air or air-to-water heat pump, the heat that is generated can be used in an underfloor heating system, radiators, warm air convectors and to heat your hot water. An Air Source Heat Pump can also be used as an air conditioner.

Air Source Heat Pumps – The key facts:

They are also very efficient. Just 1kw of energy input can give you up to 5kw of energy output, this is a COP of 5; that’s pretty impressive if you ask us! Link to Air Source PDF

The Carbon emissions are zero which helps keep them environmentally friendly.

Refer to this link  – A guide to air source heat pumps – Energy Saving Trust

There’s no need to re-order or store fuels such as oil or LPG which can cut cost and save storage room.

Heat Pumps are a long established, high quality proven technology.

They have the capacity to help you reduce your heat and hot water costs.

Refer to this link  – A guide to air source heat pumps – Energy Saving Trust

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